Based in Bangalore, Nous studio proposes a multidisciplinary approach to architecture and design, through sustainable and viable solutions revolving on the use of local materials and crafts. Our aim is to generate new ideas that bridge the gap between materials, craftsmanship and contemporary design.  Nous studio aims to provide sustainable design solutions keeping in mind the process of making.


Chiara Chiodero is an Architect graduated from Venice School of Architecture – IUAV (Italy) and specialised in sustainable technologies and architecture from Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Before shifting to India, she worked in Paris for several years with renowned architectural firms . Among other relevant experiences she has undertaken field research on sustainable building technologies in Kutch (Gujarat) and Bihar and  had worked at Center Of Science and Technology for Rural Development (COSTFORD) based in Trivandrum, Kerala. Her main focus is on sustainable technologies and practices along with the enhancement of craftsmanship in both the fields of design and architecture.

Virsingh is an Architect and a Designer. Having done graduation in Architecture from Centre for Planning and Technology (CEPT, Ahmedabad), and Post Graduation in Design from ESADSE (Saint Etienne, France), his working experience encompasses the fields of design and architecture. He has been travelling extensively in India, while working on several projects related to craft and design at Rajeev Sethi Scenographers in New Delhi. His Masters project of Building integrated photovoltaic systems at EDF laboratories (Paris, France) was further patented. He is interested in the field of design and crafts aided by new technologies.

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