The  70 000 sqm site is located within the PPSEZ – Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone – next to the shore of the Prek Tnout River.  The scheme will  cater to the requirements for affordable housing of the workers within the PPSEZ and their families, as well as of the migrant population shifting to Phnom Penh. The main idea underpinning the proposal is to generate a vibrant, lively environment through judicious use of the land resources. The site is surrounded by a green area defined by the shores of the river: in continuity with the context the landscape is treated  as green infrastructure, thus allowing fast drainage in the event of flash floods and supporting a pleasant microclimate. A productive landscape nurtured by the inhabitants will also foster interaction with the neighbouring communities and contribute to sustenance.

Cluster level 01

Cluster level

The housing blocks are staggered both horizontally and vertically to allow light and natural ventilation throughout all built spaces.

view 01


Locally available materials such as CSEB -Compressed Stabilised Earth Block – Bamboo and reclaimed wood are preferred. Their use on a mass scale will cut down building costs as well as foster participation of the local community in the building process.

Units plans axo


Units sections




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